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My DJ3 seems to have exeptionally soft springs in it. I weigh about 60 kg, but it bottoms out fairly easily on 2.5 foot jumps. It is quite possibly the softest fork I have ever ridden on, and I'm considering getting some stiffer springs, but i'm not sure what stiffness to get.

Another problem is that the fork came on an '07 specialized P.2, so I'm assuming that the fork is an '07 model.
When the springs say through to 2002, does this mean that they work imn models from 2002 to current, or only in models before 2002? I'd assume it would be the latter, but I'd like to be sure.

Cheers, Jackson

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sasquatch rides a SS said:
You may have damaged the fork permanentely if you rode it for awhile with no air in it.
if the oil level is correct, it doesn't matter how much air is or isn't in the fork, no damage will occur. if there has not been any metal to metal clanking(typical of a fork bottoming out and a result of not enough oil) there is definitely not anything wrong with the fork...
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