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I have a Bomber Z2 that I think I purchased as a 150. Rode around for a while without an issue and then installed a 100mm air shaft.

After installing the air shaft I noticed that there is a pronounced tick when the fork rebounds. It may have been there before installing the air shaft and I didn't notice it. When I opened the fork everything was pretty much by-the-book and installed according the Fox rebuild (even added foam rings since it didn't have any per the Fox service update).

Anyway, I decided to pull it apart again today, this time including the damper. When I pulled the lowers off, I was able to isolate the tick to the damper side. I removed the damper and damper shaft, remeasured new damper fluid and put everything back together. When I put the lowers back on initially, the lockout for the damper wasn't working. However, per the Fox manual, after cycling the fork through it's travel it started to work perfectly.

Prior to the lockout working (air in the damper) there was no tick. After cycling the fork and the lockout starting to work (air bled out of damper), the tick was back.

Is this just part of the deal with an open bath damper? Or is there a chance the oil volume isn't quite right? I'd love to know an oil height but Fox only specs a volume.

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