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Marzocchi Bomber MX Pro LO 2007

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Hi guys!

there are rumours about marzocchi quality recently.

but, refer to this thread title, i'm going to purchase that item , whicht I believe it was 2007 model and built in the same year or older. Year 2007 Marz is still reliable isn't it ?? This offer comes from Aussie for AUSD150.

Am i making a good purchase ?
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Looks like it's an '08 model~

There's probably a reason why it's so cheap....
If you're getting it as a temporary fork to tide you over while looking for a new fork den by all means no problem....
Otherwise I would pass on it....
Hope that helps~
Mas :)
Oh hokae~ Oops.....

But I'll still stick to my statement of buying it if it's just for tiding you over until u get a better fork~
Be it an '07 or '08 model~

Mas :)
The MX Pro LO 2007 is a low end fork which uses damper rod for damping. So once the trail gets rough, the fork is going to start spiking, and you'll be in for a harsh ride. I would strongly suggest saving your money, and buying something which has a proper damping system.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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