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marzocchi all mountain sl 2005

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hi there... someone knows the setting of the all mountain sl 2005, cuz i did it with the owners manual, but that made the fork so rigid, i will apreciate if somebody give me the pressures for that.. thnx.
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I had an 05' AM/SL and had to run the PAR with verry little air. I dont remember the exact numbers but I think the neg ran at twice the amnt as the positive. So if you run 15psi in the POS try close to 30 PSi in the neg. I had to call Marzocchi for help as the book was useless. Hope this helps.

yeah totaly useless, the settings they say are higher than what they supossed to be. so u say the negative is the double of the positive.. mm i will try to find out the pressure for the negative.. thnx
Do a search on them. Th sl model psi settings were waaaaay off/absolute junk from Marzocchi. There were past threads that'll get you plush....if'n you take th time to wade through them. :thumbsup:
I liked the fork but mine blew up. Rebound got maxed out and went KAPOW on every hit, super annoying.
i have the same fork and found a thread here a year ago - here's the setup details, good luck:

Base all of your air/sag adjustments around the "DH" setting on the TST and use the following formula as a start:

Pos/Pos = Same, Neg = 3xPos.

I'm about 185lbs (195-200 w/gear) and run 35psi in each positive air chamber. The negative is about 130psi (for a slight travel reduction... plus I like the slightly higher negative pressure for increased small bump sensitivity). PAR is approx 5psi. My rebound is about 5-6 clicks in from full open. This set-up yeilds a very compliant, linear feel on the fork with excellent tracking characteristics. My favorite TST setting is "AM-" (one click above "DH").

To adjust your rebound (after setting up the air chambers)-

Speed it up all the way (all the way "fast") and turn it in one click. Do a "Pogo-stick" type hop, lifting the fork up. If you still hear/feel the "ping" (aka; top-out) then turn it in one more click. Repeat until the sound is no longer heard (shouldn't be more then about 5-6 clicks unless you're running a whole lot of pos pressure).

Hope this helps out a little!

Here's the actual thread-
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