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thebikedoctor33 said:
anyone have one or at least have an opinion on the marzocchi z.1 fr 2?
I have a Z1 FR3 and i find it to be pretty good. Ample tyre clearance, quite stiff/strong, not too heavy, and the damping is plush.
One thing i have found though is that if it has any air in either fork leg (in the external air preload) the damping action is nowhere near as linear. It ramps up quickly and feels very .........err.. not so good!! Stock they came with almost maximum air preload and for a while i was thinking that 'this fork is sh*t!!' But once i figured out what was wrong i changed my mind. They aren't that bad a fork all in all.
I'm not much good at explaining this technically but all i can say is that if you get these forks, run them with no air preload. They will feel and work much better, plus you will get maximum travel out of them.
Personally, i would rather have the Z1 FR1 with the travel adjustment, longer travel and better damping.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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