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Marz Dirtjumper III-Rebound Help

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Just bought a DJ III and the rebound pops up real quick..I have the right air pressure in both legs..according to the manuel it doesn't have a rebound adj..only on the 1/2 this normal for a DJ fork..never owned one before..I used Foxx on my other bikes..took the dive to do a little Dirtjumping..but need some advice on the fork anyone??? Thanks
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Heavier weight oil (10w) will slow the rebound. I use about 5psi in each leg for the pre-load...
Yup. Oil is the best way to control rebound on non adjustable fork like the DJIII. It's probably better that way for a hucking fork, less mechanisms to fail since you are just relying on oil weigh instead of some rebound adj mechanism.
Use a 10 or 15 weight oil to slow down rebound. It also means the fork isn't going to be as plush though... Meh.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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