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Hey guys. Im riding a 06 Giat Reign 2 with a Manitou Nixon 145. I have been thinking about a upgrade. How much of a difference will it be going from a 145 air to a 160 coil fork?

Would it even be worth upgrading?

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I went from a 130 to 150mm fork. You have to adjust your seat angle a little bit and your climbing style (or lower your stem). Otherwise, the handling of my bike was not severely affected since the 575 was designed to take up to a 160mm fork anyway. If the Reign is designed to take a 160mm (or more), I say go for it....
BTW- I have an 07 AM1 and it's a nice plush fork (very tall however)...

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The AM is post mount, so it's a bit tricky going to an IS caliper without upsizing the rotor. You have to double check with your combo, as there's sometimes caliper interference in the adapter.

As far as the fork goes, I don't have many good things to say about the AM1. I had one, then dumped it for a Z1 Light. If you have the TA and can sacrifice travel adjust, get one of the 07 Z1 RC2's. You will not be sorry.

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The hardest part about installing the new fork will be removing the crown race from your old fork and installing it on your new fork. Basically, you need to:

Remove front wheel and brake caliper from old fork.
Loosen starnut (top of stem) and remove bolt and top cap
Loosen stem clamp bolts (caution, the old fork will try to fall out of the head tube)
Remove fork, keeping track of bearings, seals, and spacers for headset
Remove crown race from old fork, install on new fork
Replace headset parts, fork in reverse of how old fork came out.
Measure steerer length, mark where cut should be
Remove everything again, cut steerer tube
Replace everything, but only snug stem bolts
Once everything is straight and where you want it, tighten top bolt into starnut and THEN tighten clamp bolts on stem
Re-install caliper, using adapters if necessary
Re-install front wheel, checking alignment of brake rotor/caliper. Adjust caliper if necessary

That's it. Not too hard if you've seen it done before and have the right tools. I'm sure there are pictures and step-by-step instructions on Park tool's website too.

Good luck!
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