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Mary - rust under headtube gusset

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After living in dry climate for the first year on my Mary, it has this past year been exposed to a lot of rain here in Germany. Before leaving Texas I had treated the inside of the frame with "frame saver" to prevent corrosion. Now I have realized that it has started to rust underneath the headtube/downtube gusset.

Any suggestions how to remove the rust or at least prevent it from getting worse?
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A great and cheap rust preventer is good ol' WD-40. As you are probably aware, any area of steel that isn't painted is subject to rust. Just keep a thin coat of WD-40 or some other oily substance on vulnerable areas and that should help.
Just sand it down or use steel wool to take the rust off. If it's little, use some nail polish even to keep it from oxidizing.
The issue is that it is underneith the gusset. In case of the Mary it is an open end gusset where water can enter from the sides easily. Since I don't think the powerdercoast would penetrate those small gaps it must be bare metal below. I sprayed now WD40 in there hoping to stop it from getting worse. I'll take a pic tonight.
Shoot some lube in there that will stay wet and put a piece of tape over the open end to keep crud from getting in.
Good o'll WD40 wouldnt recommend it for much but this is a great place. :thumbsup:
Boeshield T9 is an aerospace rust preventer and great chain lube.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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