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Ive been using the Marwi Nightpro Extreme for a year, and have been very pleased with its performance. I would say its as bright as the Niterider Storm that practically all of my riding buddies use, with a larger flood. It also includes both the bar and helmet mount. Ive tried both and settled on the helmet mount, and would say the mount is significantly better than the Niterider mount. It mounts higher on the helmet (the Niterider mounted forward on the helmet and made my helmet fall forward) and its easier to adjust the lamp. The switch is separate from the lamp and includes a handlebar mount or jersey clip (dependent upon were you mount the lamp). I dont know the battery life, but Ive gone on 3 hour rides without any loss in output. That about sums it up. Overall I couldnt be happier.

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I have the Nightpro Extreme EVO, had it for about 3 years with not much use (3 to 4 times a year).
The light is like the SUN!, I love it, and the battery lasts 8 hours on max brightness.
One complaint, quality. I might have just ended up with a lemon, but I have had so many problems, wiring gone wrong, light not working, battery not charging.
The battery not charging just happened recently, as I prepare for the 24 Hours Solo in Canmore 4 weeks away..
I don't have the money to buy a new light, and there are no local shops that sell or service Nightpro, so I'm probably taking the battery into a local battery shop (a friend got a battery built for his Niterider there) and see what they can do.

From what I have read though, not many other people have had bad experiences with Nightpro, so I just got unlucky I guess.
One thing, the EVO is expensive (I think mine was $800 when I got it..)

Side Note: I believe the Extreme is the exact same as the EVO, just with a shorter battery life.
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