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Does anyone have expieriences with those MARWI lights? Especially the EXTREME EVO looks great an 8 or 10 hours burn time for 8 oder 10 watt HID would be great for 24 hour SOLO !!!

Here the LINK

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I had the Marwi Extreme Pro HID light last year. It looks like pretty much the same light but with NiMH instead of the new Li-Ion battery. My biggest complaint was the battery/voltage regulation causing the light to be on "low" power the whole time.

With the ballast they were using, the input voltage to the battery needed to be close to 13V for a full 10W output. But they spec'ed a 10 cell 12V battery and regulated the output to right at 12V (measure under load). This put the light near the minimum 8W mode. I sold it and bought a Trail Tech which is regulated higher and much brighter.

The Li-Ion battery being 14.8V nominal should address part of the issue as long as they bumped the regulated output as well.

My only other complaint was the special battery connector so you can't easliy DIY an extra battery.
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