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Would Scrub rotors 180/160mm front rear be a good replacement rotor for SL's? I would like to shave weight with them and also use ti bolts. Not sure what the exact weight savings would be, since I cant seem to find weight of stock rotors.

Is the scrub rotor performance comparable to the factory marta wave rotor?

Anyone know what the weight advantage would be?


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I am testing the scrubs on my 29er with my Marta SL's.

My current mini-review: I had just added these in a 180/160 combination to my 29er using Marta SL brakes and I have 5 rides on them. I took them out on the Pueblo South Shore trail which has some tough quick grab a huge handful of brakes type of technical moves along with light feathering in the wicked stuff, and they did extremely well. They would make an occasional noise here and there but were quiet for as much abuse, torture, and fade I was subjecting them to. The last couple of rides I have used them on longer downhills rides and they have been fine. They can scream like a banshee when I get a bit of snow on the rotors, but they dry quickly and the noise goes away. The Marta rotors do the same thing but not quite as loud. I am a brake hog so I really ride the brakes on downhills and these brakes have been doing quite well. So far a great and extremely light weight product.

180mm 65.2g
160mm 57.5g

Marta SL's:
180mm 126.4g
160mm 102.8g

Weight loss:

Scrub Components, tell them Gram sent yah! FYI: they are currently backordered on the 160mm size


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