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Marrington Closed

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Marrington is closed until further notice to protect the trails.:thumbsup:
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Christmas day rain

Has set back opening the trails for a few more days:mad:
Thinking about riding MP when I visit my buddy (lives at the Brickyard Plantation) but was recently told that I have to have a background investigation and clearance to even ride the trail. Is this true?

When are you coming? As of right now the trails are closed due to wet conditions and will be until after the first barring any more substantial rains.

As for the check don't sweat it, come ride if we are open.
No specific dates. We end up in that area several times a year ( The Citadel, class of '85 ). I finally got my buddy on a mountain bike last year, though he is not too interested in MP. I just heard last Sunday that background checks and clearances were required prior to riding.

Our trails, like yours, have been saturated with December rains and I would definitely keep that in mind. Hopefully by Feb/Mar MP will be ready for tires!

If you were going to be a regular user I would say get the pass, but since your only going to be for one day I think you can get away with out one, if asked just plead ignorance. You know the govt, easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.

Any update on the trail? Is there an ETA for it opening again?
Trail is open with the exception of the last mile and a half. Use the road to return to the trailhead.

Awesome. Now if I can only brave the COLD to hit the trail.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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