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Markham last week GoproHD, 1280x960

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the thread is in the FL section, any feedback would be sweet, thx:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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nice videos.

i just got the gopro as well.

the first video i shot was in 960 @ 30fps at quiet waters.

check it out.

i like your chest view, but the helmet seems less shakey. what do you think?

i should have a fully edited video shortly that i'll post up.

i went to pinehurst in lake worth sunday and shot in 720 @ 60fps and i think it's better.

i like the extra frames for slow motion as well.

once i have that video done i'll post it up as well.

also, consider vimeo over youtube. i think the quality is better.

i paid $60 for a year and get to upload 5gb of HD videos per week. not bad IMO.

see you on the trails.

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im not a big fan of the helmet view, looks like your floating around the trails, i do however use my full-face and mount it to the bottom right hand corner and i like that view a lot better, you get a lot of the handle bars in the view also. it just seems to be up to high and you lose perspective of the ground so stuff that you know is hard or technical looks super easy from you helmet, the lower the better.

btw how long is quiet waters?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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