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What model and year are you looking at?? How big are you??

I'm a "clyde-light", 6'-2", 197lbs. and have been riding a 19" 2005 Rift Zone for 2 years. My main riding is rooty and rocky. I do jump with it, no "drops" or "stunts", just typical singletrack stuff.

My main concern was buying the bike was the monocoque construction. Man does that aluminum sound thin when you tap it. I have never had any issues with flex, cracking, denting or breakage of the frame.

I can't comment on the newer design, but the 2005/6 4 inch frames seems pretty strong. Marin did beef up the frame in certain areas after 2004, specifically around the bottom bracket. The linkages have remained tight and slop free, and quiet.

They run big for the posted size, which make them clyde friendly. It's a great bike. Climbs great, is light and the quad link just shines in the roots. They have great c/s too!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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