Marin Bikes celebrates its 30th anniversary by introducing a fresh spin on their classic Pine Mountain hardtail.

Video: Marin Pine Mountain 2, Marin Attack Trail Pro and Mount Vision 5

Marin Brand Director Chris Holmes introduces the new 30th anniversary Pine Mountain 2 and discusses the brand's new stance on product spec.

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This year Marin Bikes is celebrating its 30th anniversary by reintroducing one its most iconic models, the Pine Mountain which is part of the Heritage Series. Introduced originally as a steel hardball with a 3x7 drivetrain, cantis, and 26" wheels, the company wanted to reinvent the classic bike.

In its new iteration, the Pine Mountain has plus size wheels, fender and frame mounts, a super cool new axle system, and is constructed from high end Columbus steel tube set.

The brand is also mixing things up on the mountain side by dropping 2x drivetrains and rigid posts entirely from its lineup. All of the 2016 models will only be available with 1x drivetrains, narrow wide chainrings, and tubeless compatible rims - and a bottle opener.

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