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I have had so many personal reports of rangers patrolling Cascade Canyon and Spit Rock trail this week it is alarming. Considering dead bodies are being found elsewhere in our new "rangers without borders" paradigm, I'm shocked by how heavily these trails are being patrolled.

IMO I would keep away from split rock and cascade trails in general. We all know this area is a significant historical area for mountain bike use. This is just the kick off in the heavy handed enforcement action of this summer. Social trail enforcement is heavily biased and focused on the mountain bike. So the county is just showing their newly funded teeth.

Marin voters hoped for more recreation opportunity and we voted for Measure A to better fund parks and recreation.

Marin Parks has responded to this new influx of money by heavily punishing mountain bikers, the very group that helped push for measure A funding. More rangers, more trucks and most alarming paying for LEOs from other agencies to conduct anti bike patrols - so stated by constables on more than one occasion.

I fell for it as well. I was told we would get a new deal in open space use and be allowed on more than 23 miles of 346 miles of trail. Nope.

So don't feel bad if you voted for measure A but don't add to the coffers of the anti bike brigade. The flow trail is dialed right now and we could use donations for improvement and a new trail if the weather cooperates this next building season.

Trail passes are 5 bucks and donations can be sent to Jim Jacobsen via Tamarancho Flow Site An open space ticket was 245 bucks last I checked.

Happy trails!
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