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Marin County,July 23-25 Rough Riders MB Rally

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Begin Fwd of upcoming Event,

Details of the July 23-25 Rough Riders Rally, including riding all three Rally routes with a Garmin 310xt to create the maps, finalize route sheets, and such. Full route details, including interactive maps, elevation profiles, routes, photos, and much more, are available on the website and in three new posts to blog.

Here are the links to reports, routes, and photos:


AdventureCORPS, Inc.

638 Lindero Canyon Rd #311 Oak Park, CA 91377 USA


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And exactly what does this have to do with VRC?
I'd say that the XO-1 riders are very VRC: "one bike to do it all." And any organization that names itself after an early 1990's Bridgestone bike, can't be all bad. ;)
Elder moment, I meant to post in the norcal section.
Oh yeah, I didn't check that link nor notice the significance of it. I like the idea of one bike for all.
And it is all around the Mt Tam area. That counts for something!
I think this is as good a forum as any. Unfortunately, I'll be in the Sierras that weekend so can't attend. Looks like fun!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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