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I thought I'd post this just because it looks like a great deal and in a place I don't think many people look. I found it in a mailorder catalog from Sierra Trading Post. (

05' Marin Attack Trail Mountain Bike: $2400
Adjustable 4-6" travel monocoque 4-bar link swingarm.
All XT components, Fox RP3 rear, and Fox Talas RLC fork.
Almost can't by the components for this price.
28 lbs. 14oz.
Size 15.5, 17.5, 19

I know nothing of this bike but looked and see good reviews for it and people paying 2800 - 3800 for it in the past.


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I recently built up a Quad Tara frame. I really like the frame, its a very versatile design. I paid 400.00 for my frame with an RP3 from Better Bikes on ebay. In total I spent about 1600.00 building it up with a Minute fork, Sram X.9 drivetrain, Hayes Mags... Its worth it to build up if you have the time to devote to searching for the good deals and the time to build the bike up.

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wrinklefree said:
Then the price goes down to $2000.
i just sold my marin AT to an MTBR member via ebay - I did love it!

look for a "Definitive" thread in the marin forum- there is a list of the best deals on this frame that i had put together. or check my posts.
either way, going with sierra trading post, you can get the 20 percent, like wrinkle mentioned above, in addition to 3 percent thru fatwallet dot com.
fatwallet and current codes should show if there is a current twenty percent off coupon, they come out about weekly!
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