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Sorella Cycling Presents a 3-Day Co-Ed Mountain Bike Camp with Gene Hamilton March 10-12th. Gene is coming all the way from Fruita, CO to share some of his expert knowledge. Sign up soon, as there are only THREE spots left.

Co-ed Cross Country Racing MTB Camp - March 10th, 11th and 12th in Atlanta, GA

This 3-day fast-track camp which will focus on racing skills, climbing and descending skills, energy management and FUN. These camps will shave 2-6 minutes an hour off cross country race times (guaranteed). If you're a seasoned racer trying to improve your skills and technique, this camp is for you!

Learn from the most experienced skills coach in the US. Gene is a licensed USA Cycling Expert Coach and has over 16 years of coaching experience including 11 years teaching mountain biking. Entering his 11th season as a pro downhill racer his career highlights include winning a Silver (2002) and a Bronze Medal (1999) at the UCI World Masters Championships. All Mountain bike camps, private lessons and clinics are guaranteed to improve your riding or your money back.

Mountain Bike Camps will cover:
1. Setting your bike up for your kind of riding
2. Body position/balance to keep you stable and confident on the most difficult trails
3. Descending skills, descend smoother, in balance with more confidence while using less energy
4. Climbing skills, climb the most technical climbs efficiently
5. Braking skills, learn when and how to brake for a smooth more in control ride
6. Cornering skills, from tricky off camber turns to smooth banked corners learn to get through the corners quickly and in control
7. Over coming fears/barriers to your improvement
8. Any individual skills on which you would like to work

Camp Pricing: Three day camps are typically $499 outside of Colorado (to cover travel expenses), but as a sponsor of Sorella Cycling, Gene is dropping the price to $399 for members and non-members alike.

To register: Call Gene at (970) 261-1869 or sign-up via
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