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Marathon SL Question (susp x-post)

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Does Marzocchi make a remote for the ECC5 lockout on the '04 Marathon SL?

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No =(

Have you ever had issues with the negative air chamber on your Marathon? Mine has a problem where the negative chamber fills with oil or something and fork gets a really high compression type ride that chatters. I sent it in to Marz but it does it again just a couple weeks out of servicing.

That hasn't happened yet. Does it spew when you go to put air in there? What pressures are you running? I'm 200lbs and an running 35 and 35. I like the ECC5 feature alot. I may increase the rebound back to 40.
When its messed up it shoots oil like 5 feet in the air when I press the valve to release the pressure. It used to just spew a little bit out which I think is normal. I'm 150 and run 25psi pos/75psi negative. If I bleed the negative chamber and re-pump it then it it works well again for about 3 rides until it gets bad again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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