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I have a few:

1. Need replacement cap for Doppio air side - any other sources besides manufacturer?
2. Tried first oil change and the manual calls for 20cc oil in the TST leg. Not only did maybe 5cc come out when I poppd the caps & inverted the fork, but I had to struggle to get 10cc back into the leg with the TST cartridge in place. Am I doing something wrong? I'm talking adding 2cc, slowly pumping the fork, waiting an hour for the oil to settle, then repeating. LOTS of work.
3. TST air pressure - the manual calls for 40-50 psi air in the positive chamber. I read in a recent MB Action review of another Marz TST fork that using about 60% of the recommended TST pressure works far better. I tried this and it felt MUCH better (plusher and more responsive). Anybody else have this experience?
4. Clunking - my fork knocks a bit when it rebounds (for instance if I am riding and pull up to wheelie and the fork extends). Reading the manual suggests this may be due to too light oil (I changed from stock 7.5w to 10w) or too much rebound. I tried setting the rebound lower and it helped a little, but not much.
5. Finally - again, reading the "trusty manual" - it suggests that the fork oil be changed every 100 hours under normal use, and the TST oil after 50 hours. Wouldn't I have to drain (and thereby change) the fork oil to be able to pull the TST and change its oil? Seems kind of dumb.

Thanks all.
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