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To anyone who knows or has met Steve, this hit pretty hard. For someone who has devoted thier life to mountain bikes, this is very, very sad. Still hoping for a full recovery, some friends have donated one of the rarest most exotic mtbs ever made for his benefit. An original, brand new, mint condition Mantis XCR-EC. If you know how revered this bike is in the history of mtb's, you know his friends are giving everything they can.

I hope this doesn't come across as spam.

October 6, 2005
On the evening of October 5, 2005, the owner of Coconino Cycles, Steve Garro was on his bicycle when he collided with a vehicle. As of October 7th, he is in stable condition...

Oct. 10, 2005
It has been five rough days with ups and downs. Bad news and good news. Steve is recovering from his accident and two operations; one to set his broken femur, the second to fuse his broken back. His spinal cord is intact but trauma has caused him loss of motion in his lower body...

Oct. 18, 2005

Thanks for all the support and well wishes from everyone out there... I am being moved out of critical care today, Tuesday to a medsurg bed then rehab. Of course this will delay any frames... Thanks for the great reception for the live wrong cruiser project in Vegas. We raised nearly $3,000 for All the support has been overwhelming but very important for my recovery...
Thanks, Steve & Denise Garro

Oct. 26, 2005 Update
Steve is so happy with the support and kindness that folks all over the world have shown him since his accident. He sends you a most sincere and deepest thank you.
He is wheeling himself around in a wheelchair and is very motivated for what the next day will bring. I just printed out all his emails for him to read. Here are some pictures sent via email. Coconinos | 29er Coconino | Troy

Nov. 05, 2005 Update From Steve
Hey everyone, greetings from Flagstaff Medical Center.
For your info, I broke my femur in 5 pieces. Lots of Ti;1 big rod and five 50 mm.bolts. Seven broken ribs, 6 on one side,1 on the other. Broken back. Fused vertebrae in my neck from what looked like a previous accident. Torn liver. Punctured lung. Split both kidneys. Tore both adrenal glands. Cut eyelid. Lots of scrapes and bruises. Big ouch.....
Wasn't drunk, I was going to Troy's house for dinner. I don't remember any thing at all, but I don't think that I was doing anything really sketchy, I'm pretty careful in town. I really don't think that I saw the car that hit me. It was gunning it passing another car. Anyway I have been moving my toes on my left foot which is a really good thing. PT is really hard, but I'm getting stronger. Getting around really well in a chair. The support shown by every one has been so great. You all are the best any one could ever dream of having. Please come by and visit. After 4pm is usually a good. All the trippy drugs, narcotics and steroids have worn off, so I'm back to being my self and not some freak living in Steve's body. Keep up the support. It's so appreciated. My wife, Denise has been so strong, I wouldn't be alive if not for her. Please help and support her. She's been through a lot. Come see me and I'll tell you what the other side is like. Hopefully I'll be back building bikes by the end of Nov.
thanks so much, Steve.

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Cosmic Kudos

That beautiful Mantis adorned Cosmic Cycle's Flagstaff showroom for quite a few years, a real period piece and work of art. Take it from someone who's ogled it on many occasions, whoever wins that XCR is going to be blown away when they open the box! And hopefully they can ride it alongside Steve someday...

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