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Well, I couldn't think of what else to call it...LOL! I finally got the parts I needed to make a type of hybrid '04 Z150 SL. The final result is a 150 SL that still retains the left positive and negative air leg. The right leg contains an '04 Z150 FR cartridge with a Manitou Firefly Plus spring and an '04 Super T cap. I had to use a Manitou spring because Marz doesn't have any 6" coil springs available yet for 32mm alloy stanchion the '05 6" Z1. Obviously the Manitou spring is a single side spring rate design, so I got the ultra-soft rate for a Firefly Plus. As it turns out, the spring rate must be just about perfect for this setup. After 2 days of testing, I'm really pleased with the results. I get full travel and it's a bit more plush. It's very supple on that first compression from its static position. I run 50 psi in the negative air chamber in the left leg and no pressure in the positive chamber. I run no air pressure in the right coil leg. The negative air pressure aids in top out control and makes that initial stroke much more supple.

I did this to create a more tuneable fork that has some of those "cushier" coil spring characteristics. I have another one of these 150 SL forks, and I'm waiting for the '05 Z1 6" cartridge and spring like the one in Ssinga's pic of his Frankenfork. That spring will be a dual side spring rate, so I'll probably use the positive air in the left leg on that fork. I have never used travel reducers, lockouts, or other doodads that many of my forks have come with, so dumping the ECC leg was no loss to me. The Z150 HSCV cartridge has the rebound knob on it, and that's all I wanted. The one oddity was that the Firefly Plus spring was at least 3" longer than the Z150 coil spring. It wasn't a problem to cut the spring down to proper free length and heat form the ends with a blowtorch. A little grinding on the bench grinder made it look like a factory spring. So far this fork is a real pleasure, and I'm looking forward to modifying the other one.


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