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OR, you can buy my 2004 Marzocchi Super T for $190 SHIPPED. It comes with FIRM springs and I will send the original springs as well. It is a super (no pun intended) clean fork that feels much better than a Kingpin or Slider, you will save alot of $$$, and it is reliable (something Manitou can't even spell).

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The Kingpin is seriously sketchy, look up the reviews on this site! I had one that came on my Yakuza Kumicho and it bottomed out when I bunnyhopped in my cul-de-sac. I gave it to a guy I work with for free (because he heard I had it laying around and was hot to try it out) and told him "I am in no way responsible for whatever happens to you when you ride this fork, and frankly I don't think you should use it." I wasn't joking. Save another $200 and get an 04, 05 or 06 Jr T. I have an 04 and it's a great, dependable fork that has blasted through Whistler several times, the Shore and and everywhere local to me with no problems. Ever.

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Riding a bike with a kingpin is like jogging with rubber boots.
Ive never been a Manitou hater (have a Firefly (TPC+) and a Black Elite 80/100 - the Firefly is nice - a little hard to get the raytes right at my weight, but the Black is awesome!)

That said - Anything starting with STANCE should be placed directly into a garbage can.

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misctwo said:
heard they are better than 888's
Whoever told you that has their head stuck in their sphincter.

The OEM version is nothing short of garbage. Even if the aftermarket version has better internals it is flexy and not confidence inspiring in the least.

I had one come stock on my freeride bike and had ordered a Marzocchi 66 (The sinlge crown version of the 888 which is their DH Racing/Freeride fork) I did three easy trail rides on the bike before the rebound cartrige blew up and it puked all the oil out of the fork and locked up.

Just for posterity, I was a manitou hater long before I got this fork, but it just reinforced my stance that I'll never ride another Manitou product.

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DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

no, seriously. buy a used marzocchi. i rode my kingpin for a season, with regular maintenance, and the bushings are TRASHED. The stock springs are for someone in the 130# range, the air preload sprung a leak the first ride. The TPC+ damping comes packed with grease. I replace the seals with enduros, got the right spring(has to be special ordered, good luck finding the part number), and then set up the damping properly. but then again, I'm also a bike mechanic. do you want to pay someone to do all that crap for you? After all that, it's sloppy, flexy and doesn't track well.

In the end, my fork was trashed after 8 days of whistler, five rides on the north shore, and about 30 hours of xc type rides. I had ZERO wrecks on this fork, and didn't drop anything bigger than the GLC drops (I'm a whimp). I've had marzocchi bushings last three and four years in a fork and not need replacing. This fork needs a total rebuild, and the bushing system is ridiculous. I don't even want to touch this fork again. Thank god I own extra forks.

seriously, for all the headache, and the missed rides, it's just not worth it. Mine is going to end up on a towny cruiser just for giggles.

I would put one under a kid in the 12 to 14 yr range if they wanted to learn DH, assuming that they would be upgrading in a year or two. Other than that, this fork is not worth the headache.

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