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Charles Mattie said:
Hi All,
I have a 05 Azure Expert with this fork, I need help with setting up the SPV valve on it, what should I be looking for it to do.

Thanks Chuck
You need to make sure that at least the minimum pressure is in there. I think that is 30psi, if you don't the front will klunk.

SPV allows you to set a 'threshold' which must be exceeded for the fork to actuate. It is NOT a lockout. It all boils down to a tradeoff between small bump sensitivity and pedaling effciency.

The higher SPV pressure the more firm the pedaling will be but the harsher it will feel on small bumps.

Also the red nut on the SPV legs allows you to tune the volume of the SPV chamber. With a smaller volume in the chamber the fork ramps up higher. Meaning it's harder to compress the farther down it goes. This is good for tuning brake dive or if you are a heavy person you can crank it in to help limit bottom out.

Small changes make big differences. Get a good shock pump that has 5psi resolution.

Pick a setting, then add/- 5psi and try again. It takes about a month to get it dialed to your liking. Also don't forget about rebound!! Try different things with rebound too. Try the extremes and find a setting somewhere in the middle that you like.

This page has some good info I wrote last year
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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