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Hi there.

I have recently bought my first bike (14 days ago) and have allready problems... I have only been using it for a few hours as a "normal" bike - haven't had the time to go to the woods yet...

I have a Cube Reaction with a Manitou Skareb Super Lockout fork. From the beginning I had an idea, that the lockout didn't work right. But yesterday I had to send my bike back to the dealer because there was something quite wrong with my fork.

My dealer said, that the lockout in the fork was "broken" and had to be sent back to repair... I said that couldn't be - I mean it is a brand new bike! But the "discussion" ended with me handing over my new bike and I won't get it back untill next week :(
The dealer said it could have happen't if I had been riding with the lockout and hit a bump!!!! Can this really be true?
I understood it as the lockout should be "engaged" when riding in the city as a normal bike - and then without lockout in the woods...

To make a short story a little longer ;) - I actually just wanted to ask you guys:

A Manitou Skareb Super fork with lockout - when and where should I use the lockout - and how much can the fork take with lockout engaged???

Hope you understand my question and can add with your experience!

Thanks, Chris.
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