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Manitou shocks

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So i was reading mountain bike magazines and noticed something strange, every picture and ad; Maintou. None of the pro riders use them. they seem to have disappeared. I remember seeing Manitou forks used by downhill riders and some XC riders. So i did some research and there website was still up and everything. So does anyone know what happened to them? My best guess is that they were bought out by DT Swiss (or Specialized, they own DT Swiss right?)
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I just thought that Fox and Rock Shox were so much better that people chose them instead. You also don't see a lot of Manitou forks on new bikes either.
Hayes bought them. They've on-shored production of MRD-labeled forks. I'm not sure if they've made any other changes.
Pros ride what ever their sponsors dictate...They make a good product, but Hayes has not really marketed them much since they purchased Manitou a few years ago.
So they have been gone for a while, and i dont think i have ever heard of MRD forks
They're around....the ISX 6 is definitely one of them best air shocks out there. Some of their forks are supposed to be very good too.
I've been riding a Manitou Minute 29er for the past year. Great fork IMO. I'd say on par with a RS Reba.
Quite a few people say teh minute is better than Reba.

I have always liked their designs, plush with good damping.

My current is the Dorado, and the last a black.
frdfandc said:
I've been riding a Manitou Minute 29er for the past year. Great fork IMO. I'd say on par with a RS Reba.
I have a 2006 130mm coil spring Minute and a 145mm Nixon coil. The minute is nice but the Nixon is my favorite. I'd say it's on par with the Fox Vanilla. I haven't used any RS products as of late. The last RS fork I rode was a mid range Duke. While it was ok, it was nowhere near as supple as the Nixon or Minute.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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