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Manitou Sherman Severe Stiction

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Has anyone experienced severe stiction on a Manitou Sherman Slider Plus? I lubed the seals and it made no difference. any ideas?
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check the service guide..

You need to drop the lowers and add some oil. 16cc per leg of synthetic blend motor oil. This lubes the lower bushings. Needs to be done about every three months depending on riding conditions.

Bad news is if you havn't done this in a while your lower bushings may be toast... I know from mine getting worn out.
call Manitou ...they will give the best answers...sounds like you might need to send it back in for service
Better than motor oil is this stuff called "semi-open bath lube". I can't remember who makes it but it's a bicycle specific product and works really well newer manitous. It's thinner than even fork oil.

If that doesn't work, you may have bent your stanchions. Take off the lowers and see if you can find a friction point on the tubes.
See your other thread.

I just thought of another solution. Turn your fork upside down for a day or two, see if that helps. If it does, it just means you need to drain out that old semi-bath oil and put in new stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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