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You mean like this? Are you concerned with the brake hose rubbing the crown and eventually damaging it?

Here is another picture I found using Google Images that shows a different cable routing...

and yet here is another way... This guy has it routed that it definitely would start eating into the crown...


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I asked Manitou about this question, my routing was like the first photo, between legs. the answer was:

"You can route the hose the way you have it or just run it right behind the fork coming straight from the brake lever.
I prefer the way you routed it.
I use 2 zip ties to hold the hose away from the crown.
One zip tie is tight on the crown with another zip tie under it. The second zip tie will loosely go around the hose. You need to keep the second zip tie loose so the hose can slide thru it when the fork is compressing.
It works as a guide for the hose and prevents it from rubbing a wear mark on the crown.

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