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Manitou Minute TPC 2008 120mm - cahnge to 140mm???

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The 2008 Manitou Minute line up came in 100, 120, and 140mm variants. Was the travel change just generated by some sort of spacer that could be removed to change a 120 to a 140mm?
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No, it comes from the length of the compression rod, the spring if needed, and the rebound assembly. You would have to purchase all three to change travel. Would be ~$100. If air may only need the two pieces.
even the "Mars Air" spring uses a coil inside, so yeah, the 3 parts would be needed.

Chad @ Red Barn asked Manitou for me if I could switch my 120mm Minute TPC to 100mm and their reply was simply "No".
The crown/leg assembly is different between 100/120/140 as well, as well as different between air and coil versions.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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