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manitou minute III

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I have a minute 3 and at the moment it is at 130mm of travel but I want to drop it down to 100mm for a new build I am doing. Does anyone know how to change the travel on these forks. (this is not a travel adjust fork)
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I don't know if it is possible. Older manitou forks could be modified by altering the size of the top out bumper - thereby shorting the push-rod. Don't know if it can be done with the newer manitou forks - would have to see the diagrams to make sure.
my fork is a 2005 if that helps
Are you sure about the year and model?
I also have an '05 Minute 3 and it has the IT remote travel adjust.
i am not positive i bought it new in 07 from greenfish but it was not an 07 model. What I do know is ... It is 130mm non-adjustable travel, it has the spv feature and adjustable rebound and it has 32mm black stanchions.
just found the receipt for it and it was a 2006 model
kkeith1986 said:
just found the receipt for it and it was a 2006 model
Ah, that sounds right. Mine has the 30mm gold stantions.

If I was you I'd call Manitou tech support, they should know for sure (rather than going by what someone on the internet guesses) and if you need parts they will know part numbers and if they are available.
I just sent them an email but they are out of the office until Jan. 5th
Coil or air sprung?
I've given up trying to remember the details of every fork model.

Coil is easy to shorten, but you do need to cut the spring.
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