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I'm looking for a 1.125 csl for a 27.5 marvel pro 120 (currently tapered). I can't find anything on the internets.

Does anyone know if any other 32mm manitous with straight steerers are compatible with the marvel ABS+ internals and 15mm lowers (non boost)? I'd buy a cheap oem machete if it was 1.125 and i could swap everything over.

I don't want to give up this fork cause the ABS+ damper is dialed and I'm a manitou fanboy. I want to replace the Velvet on my Bianchi PUSS (27.5 converted).

Any ideas? thanks!

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You have to match fork grade (pro, expert, comp etc) to get the right stanchion bore/taper, you need to match spring type (MARS vs TS/ISO/Coil) to get the spring side bore right and you need to match travel for stanchion length.

Wheel size doesn't matter.

Have a hunt: Manitou CSA/CSU | Shockcraft
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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