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Manitou Magnum 29?

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I picked up a Manitou Magnum 29+ 100mm travel for a plus bike that never materialized. Intended on selling but never got around to doing. Been thinking about swapping this fork from my Fox 110mm Rhythm 34 Grip 1. Anyone know if the Magnum was as good / reliable as the Mattoc? I was told to upgrade the IVA to the IRT before I hit the trails for better performance. Thanks.
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Yes the Magnum was just a Mattoc for big tyres. Same great performance and reliability, same upgrades apply. Check you've got the newer wiper seals (prior to 2018 they had two piece which had a lot more friction) and there's a second compression shim in the damper which you probably don't want if you're not on plus tyres.

For IRT. You might have fine threads on the top of the stanchion (same as 2019+ Mattoc and Mastodon). There are two different IRT models:
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