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Manitou Machete Comp 2021 upgrade

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I got the Machete Comp and was wondering if it can be upgraded with the 32mm ABS+ unit. I'm not sure if it would fit cause the new R7 Expert/Pro is build the same but has the new VTT damper installed.

And second question: Is there also a possibility to upgrade the TS Air spring?
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There is an ABS+ coming for that fork. I don't know if it has shipped yet.
It uses a different thread to previous Machete forks.

I haven't tried to fit a Dorado Air spring to the Machete Comp. The thing to check is piston and stanchion diameters.
thanks for the infos. do you eventually have the part code or a recommended price for that ABS+ upgrade? The VTT damper + Knobs is listed for 265€ here which is insane. thats almost as much as i paid for the whole fork.

And about the air spring: upgrading it with the spring for the R7 Expert/Pro + IVA on top should work right? As the fork is supposed to be build the same as the R7 If I’m correct. was wondering why you linked me the Spring for the JUnit.
Any news on that?! Although I ve got an older machete, wud love to know if i can fit the air spring from dorado. Merry Christmas!
Hey, I kept my fork as it is, no upgrades. For that price it feels surprisingly smooth. However you have an older version with different threads. maybe @Dougal knows if you can upgrade.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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