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Manitou ISX-6 break in period? (tracer VP)

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I'm building up a tracer VP and took the advice of many on here and did away with the RP23. Got a brand new isx-6 rear shock, and was surprised on how sticky this is. This is my first non Fox rp (whatever) shock, which are really smooth...but is this a normal trait for a brand new isx-6 shock? If so, will it ever be as smooth as a fox rear shock?

(I've researched prior threads and can't find anything, and since this seems to be the 'go to' shock for the tracer VP, thought I would post it in the intense forum).
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the isx shocks just feels sticky in your workshop with the ellbow on the saddle test.. on the trail they are just wonderful.
i had the same expressions like you when i got my isx 6. no worries!
i think it is because they have a real compression damping in comparison to the fox.
thanks for the seems that the elbow test is completely opposite riding on the trail. Much better on the trail :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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