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2017 Transition Smuggler XL
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There is very little technical information on the Manitou site about their 2014 forks. When I look at the distributors pages (e.g. BTI | 29" Suspension Forks from Manitou (page 1)) it seems that the Tower is being outphased. Seems that Minute 29 and Marvel 29 are replacing it.

Minute 29 will be available in 120 and 140mm versions. Pro with Mars spring and Expert with TS air spring. Damper seems to be different on Pro and Expert models as well (Cartridge ABS+ vs just ABS+).

Marvel 29 will be available in 100 and 120mm versions and travel can be reduced (to 100 and 80mm?). Both Pro and Expert use ISO air and Comp uses TS air spring.

I've read many good things about Mars spring. Is the ISO air spring as good? I cannot find any good explanation about its working. My bike needs 100mm fork, so the Marvel 29 with ISO air spring seems to be only option from Manitou.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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