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Manitou fork identification

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Hi all, could anyone help me identify these forks? They are manitou apparently.

Any opinions welcome too.

(Pic Shamelessly stolen from ebay)
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That looks to be a Manitou Mars xc fork or an older Black. I assume the paint job is custom b/c those forks came in solid colors. I am guessing it is an 02 or 03, but don't quote me on it.

Are they any good?
I had a Mars back in the day, I think it had 80mm travel. Good fork for xc, nice and light and I was pleased with it when used for xc specific applications. It is not a fork you would want to jump with or use for aggessive riding IMO. As for the Blacks, I never owned one but I knew other riders who did. And outside of the different models and travel versions the Black was a good fork that you could beat around on and give some punishment to.

this link gives you some other perspectives on Manitou 2002 forks
It's a manitou black, we'd need more information to nail down exactly what year it was.

They are generally great forks, but some will come with options you don't want. The coil spring and TPC versions are low maintenance, very reliable and perform great.
Looks like the rapid travel adjuster is at the bottom left leg...that dates it to 2002 as they moved the adjuster to the top of the left leg for 2003 models.

I second the custom paint, don't recall the black ever coming in urban camo...the Sherman did but that's not a Sherman
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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