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Yep, you read that correctly. I'm looking for a Manitou fork for my 5-Spot and I'm looking for advice from you trendy, tragically unhip ssers for advice. A couple of things:

- Has to be Manitou.
- 130 mm

Why post this on the SS board? Because the qualities I look for in a suspension fork are basically the same and they're based on SS riding. I currently have a Marzocchi Marathon SL on my SS that I like because I can adjust it until it's nearly rigid. It compresses when my bike's rider chooses a poor line or generally runs out of skill but is very, very stiff otherwise.

The story:

I have deal available to me for a Manitou fork. I don't know much about them. I would like to be able to either install this on my 5-Spot, on an older Fisher Hoo Koo (steel, Paul horz DO's, SS), have the fork interchange between the Spot and the Hoo Koo.

So the questions:

1, Which Manitou fork would be best for SSing? '
2. Would I be better off keeping the Psylo on my 5-Spot and putting the Manitou on the Hoo Koo?
3. Would I be better off putting the Psylo on the Hoo Koo and the Manitou on the 5-Spot?


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I'm no expert but ride Manitou's on all my MTBs and owned a GF hardtail some time ago.

The Hoo Koo was not meant for a 130mm fork, so the Psylo with the travel adjustment may be a better fit for it. I ran a Kaitai with a Psylo SL without problems for about a year.

I run a Black Super Air on my Unit and a Minute 3:00 on the FS geared, both forks are good but the Black is plusher. The Minute in my case is a better climbing fork due to the SPV valve, there's a Black with SPV so you could pick the one that suits you better.

The Black travel could be lowered to 90mm so if you go that route may be a good fork for the Hoo Koo.

My .02
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