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Manitou Drake air pressure? Don't know how to set up

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Got a 2010 Manitou Drake 100mm fork to replace the RockShox Dart 3 on my XC bike. There is a tag on the air cap that says "Factory pressure 20psi" and "Setup range 0-50psi". It also said I could go to their website for a chart for my weight and travel but I can't find that and it's not in the manual.

What psi value is a good starting point? I weight about 200lbs and do light XC riding (no drops more than 1-2ft). I know there is a break in period after which the fork will get softer. I prefer to have a softer shock to soak up all the small roots going across the trail (my Dart was too stiff to absorb any small roots so it yielded a jarring ride).

My LBS also said that the fork should sag about 1/3 the total travel. Right now it's sagging 14mm of 100mm of travel, does that mean there is too much pressure in it right now? According to my bike shop it should sag 30mm.

And since the pressure is lower than my friend's air fork, I'm assuming this Drake is a coil-assisted air fork.
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After seeing some posts, I was curious about what psi others were running and started this thread:

I got one last week. Being the same weight as you, I was surprised to find the psi it came with good for me. It will take a few rides for the new seals to settle in and become more plush. I'm expecting to have to up the pressure at some point. With each ride it is performing better and better.

Try dropping the pressure a little and see what happens. It may loosen up quickly when you ride it, so I wouldn't shoot for thirty percent sag right away. You're in for a pleasant surprise after it breaks in.

It is a air/coil fork, that's the reason for the lower pressure. Although the tag states 50psi max, the manual says 100. Doesn't look like we'll have to worry about exceeding 50 if it came with 20.
While the tag on the fork says 0-50 psi, The booklet that come with the fork(as well as a manitou tech) says 0-100psi. Set it up so you get 25% sag and you should be good.
In case anyone comes across this when searching as I did....

I just installed my Drake 29er and found that 35psi felt perfect for my 225# fat ass.

I also added the Firm spring.

If you are looking for the springs, Chain Reaction Cycles carries them for less than $2
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