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manipulating a Garmin course to create a virtual partner?

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Couple of questions for the Garmin Edge experts on these boards... My lady friend & I are competing in numerous endurance events this summer.... Firecracker 50 in Breck, Laramie Enduro, Dakota 5-O... and I want to get creative about how we might use our Edge 705.

1) For a multi-lap (2) race like the Firecracker, is there a quick button I can push after Lap 1, during the heat of racing, that will allow me to "race", as a virtual partner, my performance on lap 1? It would be great to try and pace myself on Lap 2 based on my time on Lap 1. I'm sure Lap 2 will be slower, but seeing how much slower, in realtime, will help keep me moving fast during lap 2.

2) If I set up feed stations as "waypoints" on a course, will the Edge show me a. "miles to next waypoint" or b. "estimated time to next waypoint" as part of trip computer screen? That would be awesome to help my hydration strategy.

3) This might be the hardest, but maybe the coolest, request. I have successfully downloaded courses from motionbased and elsewhere and used them for simple navigating on other trails. Basically just following someone else's breadcrumbs. But now I'd like to "create" a course recording that I might race against. I have found numerous recordings of the Firecracker 50 race in Breckenridge on motionbased. Lets say I find a course recording (tcx or crs file) that completes the race in 4:30 (h:mm). But my goal is to finish the race in 5:30. Is there a way I can "stretch" or "slow down" the data in that crs/tcx/gpx file to make it a virtual 5:30 course I might race against? I imagine there may be some algorithm out there for doing just that.

Thanks for your help & advice.
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1 - Possible, but not one button, more like 8 to 10 steps. I do this, but not on the fly, cannot image doing it while riding, let alone racing - if you do not mind stopping for a couple minutes, it is possible. You probably want to practice it beforehand a few times on tough training rides. :crazy:

I usually do it after I have ridden a track and want to save it as a Course to compare my times on future rides.

2 - If you load them as the waypoints of a Route, and then navigate the Route, yes. Otherwise you have to "Go to" each on separately, tedious to do while riding, IMHO

3 - Have fun figuring that one out, I tried to do something similar, and came up empty handed. :bluefrown:

Check out gpx2crs.

It has an option to "Adjust original time (speed) by X percent"

Or it can simulate avg speed.
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