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manchester blackpool 60 mile charity ride on a singlespeed?

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Hey guys,

so i'm using my old bike for the charity ride - problem is its a singlespeed now and i've not got the funds to convert it back to gears.

Not ridden for 3 months, the ride is in 3 weeks. DId my first 20 mile ride yesterday mixture of on/off road which took me just under 2 hours on the singlespeed. Found my legs were starting to get a bit of cramp towards the end of the ride (possibly lactic acid build up from lack of training)

The gear ratio is very nice for powering uphills, on the flat I can get a bit "spinned out" when going above 14 mph on long down hills its not worth bothering peddaling as my legs are going round too fast to keep up :p

Would it just be plain stupid to attempt the 60 miles on a singlespeed?

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I rode a 2 day, 133 mile charity ride with over 11000' of climbing on a fixed gear in May(day one 83 miles 8000', day two 50 miles 3250'). What truly impressed me was the determination of some of the less athletic riders on hybrids or heavy 20 year old mtb's, who maybe ride once a week on a regular basis, and just kept pedaling until the end.
If you can gear up a bit (bigger chainring and or smaller cog) that might make your life a little easier.
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