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Mammoth Mountain anybody?

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The past two summers I've taken advantage of the Mammoth Mountain "Stay and Bike" program with UncleMTB. However, he can't make it this year. Anybody interested in spending two days doing some "gravity assisted XC" riding at Mammoth Mt. sometime in August? The rate this year is $70/per person/per day, and that includes lodging and all day lift tickets. You need not ride with me but it would be nice for the videos. In two days you can hit virtually all the XC (non-DH trails) in the bike park and more XC is available just outside the bike park. Since it is mostly gravity assisted, I can do two consecutive days. Imagine taking the gondola up to over 11,000 ft. and then riding down as fast as you can on some nice twisty singletrack!

Odds are you would have to come through my neck of the woods so we could carpool. If you haven't seen them, I have two videos from last summer. As the name "Off the Top" implies, you drop off the 11,000+ ft. top of the mountain. The other video is mostly "Beach Cruiser". We went a bit too early and some of the other XC trails were closed. But we did them the year before and they were much better than Beach Cruiser. As always right click to download.

Off the Top 6:50, 47 meg

Beach Cruiser 6:15, 45 meg

I'm not too thrilled about this part
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There is some talk of getting a group together for the Beer and Blues festival in Mammoth, which runs August 4-5. I was planning on going, but now I need to move and I am traveling the week before for work and have a family vacation scheduled for the following week, so it doesn't look very likely. That picture is making me jealous though.
Nice photo!

Kinda strange to see it with no snow, however. One of my favorite ski runs is Dry Creek, off to the lower right in that photo.
I'm probably gonna go to that Bluesapalooza, sounds like an absolute blast. Need to get my rear shock pronto.
Gonna be there for a week in Sept! Woo hoo!!! First time at Mammoth. Can hardly freakin' wait!!

Only 61 days, 14 hrs, 39 minutes to go.

Not that I'm excited or anything. :p
I'll already be down there the first weekend in august.

You can film me dredging some pumice with my full face. Always comedic.
Mr. Wherewolf,
Myself and my Ventana Brethren (6- 7 of us total )will be there 8/10-8/13 with plans to ride the same trails you speak of!

Pm if this works out for your schedule.

I'll be there August 17-19 with the same group of guys for the last 4 years.

This year were going to mix it up a bit and do a full day at Mammoth and at least a full day on Lower Rock Creek trail.

The ride up the on the Gondola always challenges my fear of heights.....a couple of years ago we were about 200 yards from the top, over the deepest portion and the stupid thing stopped.....and we just swayed in the wind for approx 5 minutes......felt like an eternity.
That's the new gondola - The old one(6 passenger) stopped & swayed a lot more. I was up there for the 4th for the skiing. On top they were reporting 54 degrees & 10 mph winds - the reverse of what they are seemingly half the time in winter.
Steve, I looked around Mammoths site for the $70 rate...can you point me in the right direction.

Thanks Dean
Snow Situation?

I'm going up in August (7th....),
I am wondering what the snow conditions are like? Are all runs open for Bikes (Skid Marks?)

Stay and bike package: $70/per person/day, 2 day minimum and double occupancy. That's why I'm looking for someone to share a room with.

I could probably go with two of those days. Where are you staying? I need one more to stay with me to get the deal. Given the price of just an all day bike pass, this is a great deal!

Trail reports here:
We're staying at the Mammoth Mt. Inn. (Rented the big condo) So I'm set for lodging and tickets. But if you do get a second person we could hook up for the rides. From what you've written/posted you ride very similar to what we do.

Keep me posted! :)

Friends and I (3 of us) will be riding there on 08/12 -08/13.
It's first time for us in MM so we will take it safe at the beginning.
I'm interested. With the lift pass, can someone ride the more technical trails? Like, on day 1, ride intermediate trails and get good vid footage. On day 2, ride the more advanced trails?

I'm kicking this idea around, sounds like a sweet deal...

Im going for the Blues Brews thing on 03-07 Aug

I think someone else has a thread about this.
Lift ticket is good for all trails

Octane said:
I'm interested. With the lift pass, can someone ride the more technical trails? Like, on day 1, ride intermediate trails and get good vid footage. On day 2, ride the more advanced trails?-Brad
Lift ticket is good for all trails. The lift takes you to the same spot at the top and there are several ways down. There are some extreme downhills and more intermediate stuff. I don't do extreme downhills. If we went on two of the days Ciclistagonzo's group was there I could perhaps ride with them. But this is definitely a no waffler deal because a room will have to be booked in advance. Make sure it is not your mothers birthday nor retirement day ;)
I called Mammoth to book the stay and bike package for the Aug 4-6 weekend and since its a busy weekend, bluesapolozza and beer fest, they quoted me the following rates which include the $15 reservation fee, tax and 2 days admission to the bike park for each person:

Juniper Springs
1 Bdrm Condo K
One-bedroom condos sleep four. The bedroom has a King bed; Full sofa bed in the living room. One full bath; gas fireplace.

4 person rate $593.56 total / each person $148.39 (Sweet deal)
3 person rate $543.00 total / each person $181.00
2 person rate $478.56 total / each person $239.00

This was the cheapest deal they had and only had 10 rooms left. If anyone knows of anything else please let me know. Also we may be looking to fill a spot or 2 because some of our group is bailing out. We are coming up from LA on Friday night Aug 4.
Wherewolf, send me a PM when you come over. I'll ride with you again. Someone asked about Skid Marks opening....maybe another month, if even then. But still alot of open trails now. Ahhh, the beer festival. Already taking a group around that Friday who are coming here for some brews.
Mammoth Last Week

I spent the last week in Mammoth and conditions were nothing short of excellent. While it was 100 in the Bay Area, it was 80 with thundershowers grooming the trails each day. Skidmarks was not open from the top, but you could ride it from McCoy Station to Brakethrough, up the hill to Lincoln Mountain, then across Bridge the Gap to Skidmarks. That's most of the best part, IMHO..


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