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Mamasita Ordered

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I orderd my Mamasita from Speedgoat today. Thanks to all of you who advised me via my Mamasita threads. I had never ordered a bike via the internet before and was little nervous. That is where you guys/gals helped out. I will say my first internet bike order (and anything bike related for that matter) via the internet was great. The people at Speegoat are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. I can't get over how nice they were and how they went out of their way to talk to me and explain everything in detail. Of course I have not got the bike yet so this could all come crashing down but so far I am pleased. I know speedgoat had to order the bike from Salsa which will take a few days. Then they have to put it together which will take a few days. Then they have to ship it to me which will take a few days. Combine that with Christmas and New Year's holidays I figure it will be at least a couple of weeks before I see it. When I get it I will post a couple of pictures with my initial impressions.

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You won't be disappointed in the Mamasita or in Speedgoat. They are are both top notch.
Hope everything goes smooth and you enjoy your new ride.
well done, show us the Mama pics when your ready ;)
I have ordered from Speedgoat many times, always great experience. I actually got my mamasita from them too!
I recieved my bike on Monday and it is beautiful. I am glad I went this route insted of the SJ/GF route. Much better looking bike with better components. I used the Speedgoat fit program and they suggested a Medium frame with a slightly longer stem. I was a little skeptical but followed their advice. They were spot on. I was thought since I was 6'-1" I would fall into the large frame catagory. So far I have one 4 mile ride in between work and the rain that is about to hit TX. The bike is awsome. Very responsive and light. The XT shifters/brakes, etc. work super. I wish my road bike shifted as well as the Mamsita. I took some pictures and tried to post them but couldn't figure out how to do it. It looks like a Mamsita of course but I thought having a few pictures of what the Mamasita Complete Bike looks like might be nice for others who are in the market.

Glad your happy with the new bike. As for posting photos, the best way is to use a photo hosting website, such as photo bucket. You'll find plenty of them with a goggle search. Once the photo is uploaded you just click on the image code or what ever the site calls it and paste it in to the reply field. When submitted the photo appears in the post.
This tread is awesome! I can't tell you how many people I have had to describe my bike to and they still don't understand it. Here is my La Cruz I have had it for about 8 months have two separate wheel setups, one for road one for trail. Any how I am really pleased to find others who are enjoying this versatile bike.

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Just passing thru and saw my old Mamasita post has been revived. Still have my Mamasita w/ more mile on it. It is a great bike and I have 0 regrets buying it. I rode w/ my buddy the other day and he has a 26" carbon Santa Cruz Blur ($5K-$6K bike) and we switched bikes for the afternoon. I have to say I liked the Mamasita better.
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