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Mamasita Fit ? before ordering the bike

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I am going to try an order a Mamasita tomorrow and want some opinions on frame size. Below are my measurements using the Competitive Cyclist Fit Calculator. FWIW I ride a 56cm Cannondale road bike and find the 58 a shade too big (57 would have been perfect). A 58 cm Trek road bike fits. I believe Cannondale measures from the top of the BB whereas Trek measure from the center of the BB.

Inseam: 31.25"
Trunk: 28.75"
Forearm: 13.5"
Arm: 25.5"
Thigh: 25"
Lower Leg: 22.25"
Sternal Notch: 59"
Height: 73" (6'-1")
XC Fit / All Mtn Fit (per Competitive Cyclist Fit Calc)
Standover Height Range: 29.8 - 30.4" / 29.8 - 30.4"
Virtual Top Tube Length: 24.0 - 24.4" / 23.5 - 23.9"
Stem Length: 10.2 - 11.8 cm / 7.7 - 10.1"
BB-Saddle Position: 68.5 - 70 cm / 64 - 70 cm
Saddle Handlebar Position: 55.9 - 57.5 cm / 54 - 55.8 cm

Mamasita Geometry for Medium (18"): / Geometry for Large (20"):
TT Horizontal: 23.6" / 24.4"
Stand Over Height: 31.3" / 32.4"
Top Tube C-C Length: 22.8" / 23.4"

Let me know what size works for you. Especially you guys about my hieght.


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tough to say.

I'm 6'0 and found a medium mamsita way too small. You should really ride one before you buy it. Are there any dealers in your area? If go to your local shop and throw a leg over a couple bikes, check the geometry when you go home, and then make a decision. I heard that Salsa's run a bit on the big size, and I was contemplating getting a medium. Glad I didn't.
There aren't any around here to try out. This is why I ask. I have sat on some 17.5" bikes that were a little small and some 21" bikes that were too big. I sat on some 19" bikes that were pretty close to feeling right (all SJ & GF bikes). 20" may be about right (19.5" would be better). I will talk to the guys at Speedgoat tomorrow and get their input. I would just like some other's input before hand.
71.50 in
Sternum notch
58.50 in
Inseam length
34.50 in
Arm length
27.25 in

I ride a large 2008 mamasita with a 90mm +6deg stem with a flat bar ( I also ran this setup on my large El Mariachi before I put the drop bar on it), That setup works really well for me. I guess I am in between a large and a medium. If I would have gone with the medium I would have needed to go with a-lot longer stem than I like to run, And more rise than I would like as well. Nice choice in a bike, I am sure you will like it. I have yet to find a hard tail that I like better. My .02 cents.
I talked to Speedgoat this morning and I am going to do their $150 fit program (which is credited towards the purchase of the bike). I am fairly certain I need a Large 20" but the more measurements I have and they have the better. Now I just need my wife to get home so I can start measuring.
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