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Hybrid Leftys aren't real
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It's not happening?

I guess we'd have stopped talking, er, whining about it, had someone stopped in and said, "hey guys, all good, the VRC is going to remain as it is".

Instead we get chided for continuing to discuss the impending shuttering of our little slice of empty beer while the higher ups who already decided to leave it be, watch amused, nice.

I take a different approach. This place is pretty slow and quiet, so if folks are engaging, have an "older" ish bike, and seem to fit in well, use complete sentences and don't dissolve into piles of immature sniveling, I leave it alone. Let understanding develop as to what this place is, who's here, etc.

You never know who's going to get deeper into the truly older stuff, so why shove them away right off the bat?

I was wondering who and why that thread got moved. Me personally, I hit about 3 forums around here, and where it went isn't one of them.

OP was asking about the bike, and was it functional enough to be usable. I'm not feeling that a forum specific to nerding out about the latest 18 million pivot bike design, stinkbugging, and ceramic pivot bearing upgrade kits, is really the best place for it, given the OP had zero questions related to full suspension in particular.

If it "had" to be move, honestly, General, Beginners or Cannondale, would have been more appropriate.

Another potential VRC'er, gone.

Is this place circling the drain? Seems like you guys are trying awfully hard to stir the pot to make it attract more flies, er, advertising views, pretty frustrating.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts