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Making a comeback

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I have been in a hiatus for the past 2 years or so and have stopped riding for one reason or another.

Work was the initial excuse but I cleaned up my Stumpy (Stumpjumper 2004) last night, charged the batteries for the lights, pumped the tyres, checked the pressure for the front forks and the rear shock.

Going to start my training regime again and try to cycle 40 to 50 kms a week. I used to do minimum 100kms a week but I'll be happy if I can achieve 40 to 50kms though.

:D :D :D
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This is how Stumpy looks like.

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Should be fine. Just clean the rotors and brake pads off with alcohol and test the light's batteries when you don't need them, because you don't know what type of memory they developed, so you might need a few charges to get them back.
Thanks for the encouragement.

In fact, I just wrote some reminders to myself to check my SIDI shoes, gloves, Camelbak and MET helmet.

I might go a few rounds in the neighbourhood just to make sure everything is mechanically sound and be very sure that I still know how to release the SPD cleats.

I still remember when I started to learn how to use the cleats, it was funny. Fell down while trying to release the pedals when I was approaching a car.

:p :p :p
Right behind you, man... I have been on a hiatus as well. I've done some road biking, but lately have been wanting to get back on the trails. Have fun with your return to mtn biking.

Nice bike, too!

Thanks mate.

Just went for a short ride around the neighbourhood.

It's nice to ride Stumpy again.

Everything looks ok.

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