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makes you wonder

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if it wasn't patented would more companies use independent drivetrain ?
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It is an interesting system. I can remember the old i-drive bikes back about 1999 as being very plush, comfortable, and heavy. All reports I have read are that the latest versions have continued to improve. Also the last couple of designs have been more iteration based instead of all out redesign, that is usually a good indication that it is about right ;)
Cool video and seems like a good system. One point about GT is their Customer Service requires you to go to a dealer to buy the small parts unlike most other manufactures that sell small parts directly to the customer. Their dealer network sucks in my area......the nearest dealer is a BMX shop. I went in there with assembly drawings with part numbers for the small parts I wanted and they didn't want to order them for me because they were mainly a BMX shop. I asked them are you a GT dealer or not? I walked out without a parts order then put the frame on ebay.
so, instead of the pedals going up and down the cranks go back and forward. Yay.

It works really well, as do a lot of other systems.
Heard that full service kits and upgrade kits will be on the web site for direct sale soon...
I have a 2009 teocali super and the freedrive system is similar to the gt drive system. I was told that the freedrive on the goose is the second gereration of the gt system. I feel that the gooose bikes or the gt bikes have the best rear suspension set ups. The video posted up aint wrong; more people should give the so called department store bikes a run. I'm sold on them. I let someone ride a couple laps at the local trail and they had a faster lap on the goose and on my 20 mile rides I was faster while not as tired at the end.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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