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"How do I get to this trail? Coming from Aiea. And is this strictly a DH run? Are there other trails near it?

-Rob "

Go see Jordan or Michelle at Shaka Bikes. The trail is located near their bike shop. The trail is honeycombed with switchbacks and all stunts can be ridden around so any kind of bike can ride.

Lots of crashes. I think the only serious injury was a broken thumb when the thumb got tangled up on a ladder drop. OUCH!!!!!

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cool stuff..

Devin told me about this yeterday but I was too sore and lazy from our 44 mile road ride yesterday---so I was lazy and slept in today.

I am back on r and r until the 8th---maybe I will make it out to the new bike shop to check it out.

Anyway this trail looks fun--especially if the stunts can be ridden around--some of us our tires to the ground types. Someone really ought to put a trail review on the trails section of this site.:D
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