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I have been an on and off rider for several years now, but finally have had the luck of convincing some of my friends to join me and buy mountain bikes. The only problem now is that I find mine is in real need of some maintenance. It is a 98 Giant Rincon Se bascially stock setup with RST 280 fork and SR Suntour crank. My intentions are to rebuild the bike considering the frame is still free of damage/ cracks and I like the color scheme and size of it enough not to be in the market of buying another frame yet. I need some tools to start removing the bike parts and I found Park Tools website to be of great help so far. I want to remove all the components from the bike and clean/fix/replace anything that needs it now while its apart. I know that I am going to need the crank removal tool but what other tools or tool sets should I look into getting so that I can remove everything from the bike? The reason behind fixing the bike is that the rims are out of true, the brakes need replacing, the large gear on the crank has some really worn out teeth and I really want to step up the quality of the parts that are on the bike. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can also be reached at [email protected]. Thanks again.
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