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Bike to the Bone...
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Okay, so, today was the first day of my Cannondale F7.

I bought the F7 to have as my urban runs and XC bike, and I wanted something cheap but good. I didn't (and don't) plan on upgrading the bike anytime soon.

But, since I had some spare stuff and things waiting for the Endo, right now I changed the stem and bars from the stock ones to a Thomson X4 and Easton EA50 risers, the seat to a WTB Pure V. And I also got hold of some XT hubs.... so, it's not stock right now.

I started at around 9:20 or so, and didn't really do a large or medium loop. Sort of did two runs on my short loop, which is basically the lower part of the 3 caidas trail. The day was awesome! No rain, some sun, but not too hot. Traction was pretty cool!

I met RitoPC and Tacubaya on the way down from my second loop. They were, I guess, starting their run. We stopped a bit to chat and continued.

My impresions on the bike are as follows:

1. The bike felt a little smaller than the ML, but no big deal, I think it will work fine, and didn't really had any problems where I felt unconfortable with size.

2. I missed being clipped! It really was anoying sometimes thinking I could do something and the bike would follow, only to have some skips on the grip. Sometimes just peddaling uphill I had this issues. Well, I wanted to try the bike as it was, so it wasn't unexpected. I'm going to put the Candies on this one, and I think I'll do better.

3. It has a pretty low BB! At least, lower than the Viento or the Moto Lite. Some parts, which I thought I would pass, splat! nope, didn't pass. Just have to get used to that.

4. Handling. Pretty good actually. It was nimble, went where I wanted, I think it has a good geometry for what they built it for. No qualms here.

5. Drivetrain... well, I don't mind it being 8 spd, but I would have liked to have a 34T, but it has a 32T. I didn't had any ghost shifting, and I liked the rear shifting. The front wasn't as smooth, but worked ok.

6. Tires. My bike came with 2.0 CST Caballero tires. I actually really like them. They're on the skinny side (2.0) but provided a lot of traction and performed very well overall, it would be great to test them 2.3 front 2.1 rear for trailriding, but I'm keeping them for a while. Maybe for a long while, I don't know yet.

7. Brakes. Well, nothing much to say here. Tectro V-Brakes, performed well, not as good modulation as my previous, but that's why hydros discs are more expensive than V-Brakes. But they performed well. Maybe they locked the rear tire too easily, and they're not as confortable as my previous ones, where I require two fingers rather than one, or one when I want to do better modulation.

8. Fork. Actually, another surprise for me here. The Gila fork is 100mm travel, and actually performed better than I thought it would. Okay, the Revelation is better, but the Gila isn't bad at all as a XC fork. It performed pretty well on the whole trail (including some rutty sections and rocky), except for the section where there are a lot of steps one after another, but it's a hardtail, not a FS.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the bike so far!

here is a pic when I was preparing it to ride.

here is a pic of the trails, traction was awesome!


Bike to the Bone...
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Okay, I took the bike on the second ride... last two weekends were busy and I couldn't ride, bummer.

Size wise, I think I need a larger seatpost, but I feel that the top tube is fine.

I have some new wheels waiting for some BB7 to appear. I'm lucky, but I got the XT hubs pretty cheap... And the rims were nice, I think in total the wheelset costed me like 70 bucks. So, I have some BB7 in transit....

The wheels I really like, I think that sometimes they're too skinny for all mountain, but work pretty nice for XC.

I installed some Crank Brothers Candy's on the bike, and they performed pretty nice!


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